CORIMA 在碳複合材料方面的專業知識和創新得到全球認可。 30 多年來,我們一直在製造高性能碳纖維車輪。 由於內部生產,我們控制製造過程中的所有步驟; 從設計到最終組裝和包裝。 我們的車輪使用預浸碳纖維單獨手工模製而成,完全在我們位於法國 Loriol-sur-Drôme 的車間手工製作。我們製造用於公路、賽道、計時賽、固定車、手動自行車和運動型輪椅的車輪。

最高水平的性能是我們的 DNA,是時候騎上最好的輪子了!

CORIMA ’s expertise and innovation in carbon composite materials are recognized globally. We’ve been manufacturing high performance carbon wheels for more than 30 years. Because of in-house production we control all the steps in the manufacturing process ; from the design to the final assembly and packaging. Our wheels are individually moulded by hand using prepreg carbon fibers, entirely hand-made in our workshop in Loriol-sur-Drôme, France.
We manufacture wheels for road, track, time-trial, fixie, handbikes and sportive wheelchair uses.

Performance at the highest level is in our DNA, It's time to RIDE THE WHEELS OF THE BEST!



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